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Beautiful Sky BLUE Burmite Amber Fossil with Pollen, Sediment from Dinosaur Age


Very RARE Pholcid Spider with Long Legs in Authentic Dominican Amber Fossil Gem


90 Million Year Old! TERMITE Fossils in Polished Fossil AMBER Colombia 8.5gr e




Beautiful Psocopteran Insect in Authentic Dominican Amber Fossil Gem Cabochon


Lepidopteran Moth with 2 Leaves in Burmite Amber Fossil from Dinosaur Age


Burmese Amber with Dinosaur Age Spider Inclusion! Comes w/4x Magnify Case!


Beautiful Burmite Amber Fossil Large GEM with Superb Fly from Dinosaur Age 5.5 g


A101 DR8573 Rare catkin flower cluster in 2g Authentic Dominican Amber Gemstone


2 Beetles with Ancient Cobwebs in Burmite Amber Fossil Gemstone Dinosaur Age


A Very Translucent! 90 Million Year Old Polished Fossil AMBER Colombia 9.6gr e


Egg - a souvenir with Baltic amber inside - FOSSIL INSECTS


Amazing Amber Rings with 15+ Insects in Authentic Dominican Amber Fossil Gem


Case xx Mini Trapper amber bone


Very RARE Pseudoscorpion, Large Tropical Spider in Colombian Copal Amber Fossil


50 Vintage Bakelite Red Amber Semi-Translucent Buttons New Old Stock


TarGard Original Disposable Cigarette Filter - Amber Color - 100 Count Bulk Bag


Bad Witch Fragrance Oil Perfumed Warm Tobacco Amber Cedar Plum Clove Cassia


8 Vintage Bakelite Translucent 18mm Honey Amber Swirled Buttons New Old Stock


Baltic Amber Gemstone, Fossil Insect Inclusion, Nematocera


12AX7 Style AMBER Glow Vintage Vacuum Tube Valve 120 VAC Plug-In LED NIGHT LIGHT


Copal Collection 2 Oz Natural Golden Tree Resin 55 Grams Young Amber Madagascar


Amber / Glass Straw


Jurassic Park Official 25th Anniversary NEW Dinosaur DNA Mosquito Amber Replica


Burmese Amber Gemstone, Fossil Inclusion, Unusual insect


Beautiful Ocean BLUE Amber Fossil Gemstone LARGE 75 g TOP Quality Piece


2019 New Dragonfly Natural Amber Insect Pendant Inclusion Fossil Bug In Amber


2Pcs Rare Natural Art Amber Beeswax Ball Crystal Sphere Healing Home Decor 50mm


1 lb Wholesale Rare Blue/Gold Amber Rough Stones - Reiki, Crystal Healing


Very RARE Polyxenid Millipede with Insects in Burmite Amber from Dinosaur Age


New Amber Lens for Whelen Edge Lightbars Amber Lens